Last Survivors

October 17, 2011


Our friends at the IBMT alert us to a new 27-minute film by Javier Pascal and Cristina Ciobanu about the International Brigades, featuring extensive interviews with British volunteers David Lomon and Thomas Watters and songs from the “Goodbye Barcelona” musical. See the film here.


One Response to “ Last Survivors ”

  1. María Luisa González on December 21, 2011 at 5:33 am

    Dear friends, dear David Lomon, I want to thank you for your sacrifice and love to Spain and its people. I hope some day History would place you in the plece you deserve.
    In the name of my grandad, who was executed in 1942 in Paterna (Valencia), thanks because I can listen to him through your words and I cand look at his eyes through your eyes.
    María Luisa