Spaniards discover large mass grave

September 29, 2011

Between 300 and 600 bodies: that is how many researchers expect to find in a newly discovered mass grave near Jerez de la Frontera, in southern Spain, which is thought to have been the site of a Nationalist torture and detention center during the war, Público reports. Australia´s ABC News has more details:

If confirmed, it would be the second-biggest Franco-era mass grave found in Spain, after one containing 2,840 bodies which was uncovered in the southern province of Malaga in 2008. Mr Rubio says the bodies are believed to be of people executed during the civil war. “Searches have been carried out and bodies have been discovered at a shallow depth of 30 or 40 centimetres,” he said, adding that metal detectors had also revealed pieces of ammunition. In May, the government published for the first time a map with the location of more than 2,000 mass graves of victims of the war, which pitted Franco’s right-wing forces against an elected left-wing government, and of his ensuing dictatorship.

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