New book on ALBer Sam Levinger

September 29, 2011

Laurie Levinger’s book on her uncle Sam Levinger’s life, Love and Revolutionary Greetings: An Ohio Boy in the Spanish Civil War, will be published later this year by Wipf and Stock:

Love and Revolutionary Greetings is the story of Sam Levinger, a young man who went to Spain in 1937 to join the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. Civil war raged in Spain as the Fascist army of Francisco Franco sought to overthrow the democratically-elected Republic. This is the story of a young idealist who made the commitment to go to a foreign country to fight Fascism. Love and Revolutionary Greetings is placed in the historical context of the 1930‘s, when freedom everywhere was threatened by Franco, Hitler and Mussolini. The book is based on Sam Levinger’s letters, poems and stories that he sent home from Spain, interspersed with those of his mother, Elma Levinger. Told in the words of a soldier-son and his mother, as well as other members of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, the book offers an eye-witness account of the ideals, the hardships and the politics of the times. People from all over the world went to Spain to fight with the International Brigades to defend Spanish democracy. 2,800 men and women from the United States joined the International Brigades. Sam Levinger was one of them. Sam died in Spain when he was twenty years old. The author, Sam Levinger’s niece, traveled to Spain to search for his unmarked grave. Love and Revolutionary Greetings tells the emotional and political story of American involvement in the Spanish Civil War in the language of people who lived it.

More on Sam Levinger here. The book can be ordered by emailing the publisher or the author.