More reviews for Mexican Suitcase

September 7, 2011

Trisha Ziff’s Mexican Suitcase (trailer, Kickstarter), which after successful runs at DocuWeeks in New York and Los Angeles is on its way to the San Sebastián Film Festival, is continuing to attract the media’s attention. “Memory is at the center of The Mexican Suitcase (La Maleta Mexicana), Trisha Ziff’s magnificent, complex documentary,” Cynthia Fuchs writes in PopMatters, granting the film 9 out of 1o points. The British Journal of Photography has a piece on Ziff’s use of KickStarter to help fund the film. And Libertas Film Magazine writes: “As art history, Suitcase is fascinating stuff, lucidly establishing the significance of the suitcase’s recovery and the further light its contents shed on the work of Capa, Taro, and Seymour.”