Conference and Memorial at San Pedro de Cardeña

September 12, 2011

Alan Warren writes: Nacho Eli Garcia, historian and expert on San Pedro de Cardena prison, where International Brigaders were held (He is also the creator of the excellent blog “The Jaily News”), has just announced that over the weekend of November 4th to 6th an International conference, exhibition and memorialisation will be held at the former prison of San Pedro de Cardeña. This event is the weekend after the end of the week-long series of events commemorating the creation of the International Brigades (Madrid and Barcelona, Oct. 22-29). A group of individuals will be staying on after the end of this trip to visit Teruel and to follow the route of the Great Retreats from October 30th to November 4th, and this group will then drive to San Pedro de Cardeña for this event via Barcelona if others wish to attend. Contact Alan Warren (email) for further details of this combined trip. This should be a significant and important event for those interested in this aspect of the Spanish Civil War. Please contact Nacho (email) if you wish to make your own way there or for further information.