Saura recalls Francoism

June 26, 2011

Ana Torrent in "Cría cuervos" (1975)

The legendary anti-Francoist Spanish filmmaker Carlos Saura, whose classic Cría cuervos (1975) has just been theatrically re-released in the UK, speaks with The Guardian‘s Giles Tremlett:

Saura, now 79, has little cause to remember his own childhood with nostalgia, since he is old enough to remember the most painful event in Spain’s recent history: the civil war. That bloody conflict, which pitted neighbour against neighbour and raised the curtain for the great ideological clash of the second world war, cast a gloom over his early years. His father was a senior tax official in the republican government as it retreated towards the east coast before General Franco’s fascist-backed nationalist troops. “I remember it starting. I recall the bombardments and deaths, and always going to new schools,” he says.

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