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June 7, 2011

A lovely evocation, in video and prose, of Harold Meloffsky, Ernie Arion, and Bernie Abramofsky (Aibel) by Spanish journalist Pablo Mediavilla, marred only by a gratuitous and puzzling swipe at NYU students.  Historical irony:  the recipient of most of the letters on which these evocations were based, was Miriam Sigel, mother of the NYU student volunteer, Paul.  Article in Spanish; video in English w/ Spanish subtitles.

UPDATE:  14 June: Tibby Brooks wrote to correct my error:  Miriam Sigel (Friedlander) was Paul Sigel’s sister (not his mother, as I erroneously stated). Tibby adds:   “I was close to both Hannah (Paul’s mother) and Miriam (Paul’s sister), and both were remarkable women.  Hannah was a trilingual secretary and ran a Montessori school.  Miriam, of course, was a Councilwoman, but she was also married and divorced from Bob Levine, a Vet, and took care of him even after their divorce.”

Thank you, Tibby.

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