Catalan documentary about Garzón

May 4, 2011

Garzón in the 1990s, from the documentary "Garzón, judici al jutge"

“I have no lack of memory, and many Socialists like me have no lack of memory, either. We know what dirty tricks this gentleman has played on us. And we are not going to forgive him.” (“Yo no carezco de memoria y muchos socialistas como yo no carecemos de memoria. Y sabemos las putadas que nos ha hecho este señor. Y no se lo vamos a perdonar.”) Speaking is Joaquín Leguina, former Socialist President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, recalling Baltasar Garzón’s role in the revelation of the extralegal dirty war against the Basque terrorist group ETA. It is one in a series of revelations about the true motivations of those who are trying to judge Garzón’s judicial career in a new documentary about the judge, covering his entire life and career, that was broadcast in late March on Catalan television. See the documentary (53 min., in Catalan and Spanish) here.