Famous escapees revisit Francoist jail

April 13, 2011

Left to right: José María Galante, Josu Ibargutxi, Enrique Guesalaga, Miguel Gómez, Xabier Armendariz and Sabin Arena at the old Segovia prison.- ULY MARTÍN El País

From the English edition of El País:

The ages of the men range from the late fifties to mid-sixties. At the drop of a hat, they have been taken back 33 years, the length of time they have been at liberty.

“Who are you?”

“We are former prisoners.”

“No, we are prisoners, because they never erased our records, nor annulled our sentences.”

The six men are in the old Segovia prison, from which two of them escaped in 1976 during an extraordinary breakout that was later made into a film.

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