SF Chronicle covers Spanish WikiLeaks angle

March 6, 2011

Today in the Chronicle, Bob Egelko reviews the ramifications of the WikiLeaks revelations regarding US pressure on foreign governments and judiciaries to block legal investigation of US officials, including the Guantánamo torture case opened by Baltasar Garzón:

The documents also quoted U.S. diplomats as urging Spain to transfer the case from Judge Baltasar Garzón, known for far-reaching investigations of suspected international law violations and for criticism of U.S. policies. The cables described Garzón as a “publicity-loving” jurist with an “anti-American streak” and said Spain’s chief prosecutor was trying to remove him. … Several independent legal analysts saw nothing unlawful in the U.S. actions but were divided about whether they had violated the norms of diplomacy.

In the wake of the Garzón’s suspension, the Guantánamo case is carried on by Judges Pablo Ruz and Eloy Velasco (who are actually each in charge of almost identical Guantánamo-related investigations, as Pere Rusiñol explained in Público last January). More here.