Garzón to work for OAS in Colombia

March 26, 2011

From Colombia Reports:

Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon will travel to Colombia to work as an advisor to the Organization of American States (OAS) on human rights issues in the country and to monitor the paramilitary demobilization process, El Tiempo reported Thursday. No date has been set for his arrival though his presence and the continued monitoring work of the OAS in Colombia has been approved by President Santos’ government. It is widely believed that Garzon will have a key role in issues such as Justice and Peace Law (JPL) reforms and the restitution of land to victims of violence under the pending Victims Law. Speaking at a conference last week the Spanish judge said that efforts must be made to fully integrate former paramilitaries, such as the extradited leader Ever Veloza, alias “H.H.,” back into the Justice and Peace process, otherwise there is a risk that the credibility of the process as a whole will fail.

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One Response to “ Garzón to work for OAS in Colombia ”

  1. Bay Area Women in Black on April 8, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    Knowing Judge Garzon’s favorable impression of Argentina’s Madres (y Abuelas) de la Plaza de Mayo, we would like him to become acquainted with Ruta Pacifica, Mujeres de Negro, in Colombia. They are organizing their XV Encuentro for August. Bay Area Women in Black will be sending a representative and will ask Ruta Pacifica to contact him.