Wikileaks avant la wiki (3): Department of State press release, Mar. 4, 1946.

February 13, 2011

Franco and the Führer, Hendaye, October 23, 1940 "At the beginning the Caudillo expressed his satisfaction about the fact that he was at the moment able to make the personal acquaintance of the Fuehrer and to render to him Spain's thanks for everything that Germany has done for his country up to the present. Spain has always been allied with the German people spiritually without any reservation and in complete loyalty. In the same sense, Spain has in every moment felt herself at one with the Axis. In the Civil War the soldiers of the three countries had fought together and a profound unity has arisen among them. Likewise, Spain would, in the future, attach herself closely to Germany for historically there were between Spain and Germany only forces of unity, and none of separation. In the present war as well, Spain would gladly fight at Germany's side." Report in the State Department document: The Spanish Government and the Axis : No. 8. Notes on the Conversation Between the Fuehrer and the Caudillo in the Fuehrer's Parlor Car at the Railroad Station at Hendaye on October 23, 1940

Opening statement from the US Department of State, from the publication “The Spanish Government and the Axis,” a collection of the wartime correspondence between Franco, Hitler and Mussolini which was discovered in Germany in 1945:

THE GOVERNMENTS of France, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America have exchanged views with regard to the present Spanish Government and their relations with that regime. It is agreed that so long as General Franco continues in control of Spain, the Spanish people cannot anticipate full and cordial association with those nations of the world which have, by common effort, brought defeat to German Nazism and Italian Fascism, which aided the present Spanish regime in its rise to power and after which the regime was patterned.

There is no intention of interfering in the internal affairs of Spain. The Spanish people themselves must in the long run work out their own destiny. In spite of the present regime’s repressive measures against orderly efforts of the Spanish people to organize and give expression to their political aspirations, the three Governments are hopeful that the Spanish people will not again be subjected to the horrors and bitterness of civil strife.

On the contrary, it is hoped that leading patriotic and liberal-minded Spaniards may soon find means to bring about a peaceful withdrawal of Franco, the abolition of the Falange, and the establishment of an interim or caretaker government under which the Spanish people may have an opportunity freely to determine the type of government they wish to have and to choose their leaders. Political amnesty, return of exiled Spaniards, freedom of assembly and political association and provision for free public elections are essential. An interim government which would be and would remain dedicated to these ends should receive the recognition and support of all freedom-loving peoples.

Such recognition would include full diplomatic relations and the taking of such practical measures to assist in the solution of Spain’s economic problems as may be practicable in the circumstances prevailing. Such measures are not now possible. The question of the maintenance or termination by the Governments of France the United Kingdom, and the United States of diplomatic relations with the present Spanish regime is a matter to be decided in the light of events and after taking into account the efforts of the Spanish people to achieve their own freedom.

Publication 2483
Washington, DC : Government Printing Office, 1946

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  1. joseph fernandez on February 14, 2011 at 1:06 pm

    The picture that captions this article has nos explanation as to where and why.

    Remembering a bit of history I’m suere this meeting between Franco and Hitler took place at a train station on the French-Spanish border.

    The purpose of the meeting was Hitler wanted Franco to let Natzi troops march through Spain,and cross the strait into Africa. In return Hitler offered to give Gibralter back to Spain. Franco did not take the bait and clearly embarrassed Hitler. The latter is quoted as saying he ” would have five teeth pulled rather than meet with Franco again”. Franco did not want to be involved in WW2. Nor did he have any love for Hitler or Stalin who killed an even greater monster, if that’ possible.

    So much for the picture.

    So much for the picture. Things can be made what they are not sometimes by omission. Franco had no particular

  2. James D. Fernández on February 15, 2011 at 12:03 am

    You’re right, the encounter took place at the train station at Hendaye, on the French/Spanish border. I’ve now captioned it with an excerpt from the report on the encounter that was published by the State Department. Thanks for pointing out the oversight.