Spanish AG rejects request for baby theft investigation

February 2, 2011

AFP reports:

Spain’s attorney general’s office on Tuesday rejected a demand that it open a national probe into allegations that newborn babies were stolen from their mothers and sold to other families for decades under a policy approved by Franco’s dictatorship.  … “The attorney general’s office refused to open an inquiry at the national level and asks that each family present a criminal complaint at their local court where the alleged crime took place,” said a spokesman for the attorney general’s office. … Anadir, an association fighting for the stolen children and their families, presented the demand on Thursday on behalf of the victims and families of 261 snatched babies along with evidence including testimony from nurses who admitted taking part. The attorney general’s office justified the move on the grounds that those responsible for the baby thefts were not part of a single network but operated independently from different parts of the country separately.

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