Fraser reviews Casanova’s Republic & SCW

February 8, 2011

Ronald Fraser, author of the pathbreaking oral history Blood of Spain, reviews Julián Casanova’s newly translated The Spanish Republic and Civil War (Cambridge, 2010) in the most recent issue of the New Left Review:

The belief that the Spanish Civil War can essentially be reduced to a struggle between democracy and fascism, or fascism and communism, receives a salutary corrective as early as page two of Julián Casanova’s excellent new history of 1930s Spain. … Casanova’s book must stand beside the very best on the Republic and Civil War available to an English-language readership. It is the product of a new generation of Spanish historians who came of age at the beginning of the transition to democracy after Franco’s death, since when the number of works in Spanish on the 1930s has risen exponentially.

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