Call on Spanish Courts to subpoena former Guantánamo commander

February 15, 2011

Pablo Rafael Ruz Gutiérrez, who substituted Garzón at the Audiencia Nacional. Photo EFE / Ballesteros

The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, together with the US-based Center for Constitutional Rights, has filed two submissions with the successor of Baltasar Garzón at Spain’s Audiencia Nacional, who is investigating the accountability of US officials responsible for torture at Guantánamo Bay and other detention sites:

The first ECCHR-CCR submission calls for the Spanish judge Pablo Rafael Ruz to subpoena the former commanding officer at Guantánamo Bay, Major General Geoffrey Miller, to explain his role in the torture and serious abuse of four former detainees held in the detention center. Miller was responsible for running the island prison camp from November 2002 until April 2004, before being sent to Iraq in 2003 to share Guantánamo interrogation techniques with U.S. counterparts based there.

A second interrelated ECCHR-CCR submission was filed today. The submission outlines the legal basis for the criminal liability of the “Bush Six”, the group of lawyers – among them John Yoo and Jay Bybee – who created the legal rationale for torture at Guantánamo. ECCHR and CCR call upon Judge Eloy Velasco to open the criminal investigation against them as a matter of urgency.

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