No more searching for Lorca

December 18, 2010

Preparations for last year's search. Photo BBC

They’re done. After the much-publicized atttempt a year ago to locate the body of the poet Federico García Lorca, who was assassinated in August 1937, the autonomous government of Andalusia has declared that no new searches will be undertaken, El País reports. Officially the 70,000 euro search project aimed to recover the bodies of the two men reported to have been shot and buried with Lorca, and whose families had requested exhumation; the Lorca family has always resisted the idea of recovering the poet’s remains. Lorca biographer Ian Gibson has just published a book on the whole affair, La fosa de Lorca, crónica de un despropósito, in which he laments that the area of the search was not expanded, and speculates that the remains may have been found and dispensed with years ago during the construction of the commemorative Lorca park. More here.