The scandal of Spain’s mass graves

November 14, 2010

An exhumation at La Pedraja (Burgos). Photo by Mabel García for El País

long piece by Alasdair Fotheringham in today’s Independent:

Today, 71 years after the Spanish civil war ended, 35 years after Franco’s death, and four years after a law was passed authorising exhumation of the war’s mass graves, barely 10 per cent of the estimated 2,052 sites have been investigated. … With time and encroaching urban development, some burial sites from the period have disappeared, hidden under huge rubbish tips or inside the gardens of plush housing estates. A children’s play park was recently developed over one, at La Palma de Condado in Huelva, south-west Spain. About 200 bodies are estimated to be buried beneath the concrete.

More here. The readers’ comments are also worth a look.