Público covers UCSD memory project

November 17, 2010

Público today featured the Spanish Civil War Memory Project developed by Luis Martín-Cabrera at the University of California, San Diego, which for the past three years has been collecting and making available online interviews with those who experienced the Civil War and Francoist repression (catalog of videos here). Among the project’s objectives are to

Create a safe institutional space in order to validate the experiences of those who survived the violence implemented by the Fascist forces during the Spanish Civil War and the subsequent dictatorship.

Create and preserve an oral record of significant events pertaining to the Spanish Civil War and the Francoist repression. The oral stories of these victims are an alternative mode of historical knowledge. As such, the testimonies of these men and women present a different version of the past, one that is extremely important, because, as pointed out before, the majority of the written records of the dictatorship were physically destroyed during the transition to democracy.

More here. Click here for the collection of online video testimonies.