On the use of “¡Presente!”

November 23, 2010

Regarding the death of British vet Samuel Lesser (1915-2010):

We Spanish people will never be able to express with words the gratitude we feel for the likes of Mr. Samuel Lesser. The brigadists left Britain to fight against fascism. In other words, they were people that did what their countries should have done and didn’t do. Those countries—including the UK—had to wait a couple of years until they finally realized the dangers of fascism. Even when they defeated Hitler they decided not to take any action against Franco: instead he was supported. As I said, no words can express the admiration that I feel for Mr. Lesser and all the rest of brigadists.

Just one small note that I think is important to clarify: The expression “presente!” was (and is still) an expression USED BY FASCISTS to glorify their dead “heroes” … I think is a bit disgusting that same expression is used in this case for a man that went all the way to Spain to fight fascism.

Miguel, October 21, 2010