Arborglyphs Found in California

November 23, 2010

While hiking in the Glass Mountains of Mono County, California, last year, Betty Brown of Kensington, California, came upon some carvings made on aspen trees. The carvings refer to the Spanish Civil War. Apparently they were cut by a Basque sheepherder with anti-fascist opinions. The photos have beensent by Ms Brown’s daughter, Paula Brown-Williams, and are printed here with her permission. The texts have been translated by Sebastiaan Faber:

Viva la República

Mueran los fascistas

[date illegible]


Long Live the Republic

Death to the Fascists

[date illegible]


Mueran los fascistas, separatistas, el clero, los fanáticos, los di[c]tadores y políticos millonarios.

Viva la República liberal y la libertad de palabra, comercio, trabajo para todos.

Death to the Fascists, Separatists, the Clergy, the Fanatics, the Dictators and Millionaire Politicians.

Long Live the Liberal Republic and Freedom of Speech, of Commerce, and Work for All.

Fascismo y comunismo son los 2 e[x]tremos del sal[v]ajismo.

Viva la República liberal agraria.

Ugándara [?]

27-7 [i.e. July 27] 1938

Fascism and Communism are 2 Extremes of Savagery.

Long Live the Liberal Agrarian Republic.


July 27, 1938