Remembering Belfast IBers

October 4, 2010

The International Brigades memorial in Writers Square, off Donegal Street, Belfast. Photo courtesy of Iskra1916

Iskra1916 reports on the commemoration of Socialist Spanish Civil War volunteers from Belfast:

the Republican Socialist ex-prisoners group, Teach Na Failte and the Lower Castlereagh Community Development Group, in conjunction with the Consensus Programme, met today for a tour of International Brigades related sites in Belfast. This unique tour was facilitated by the renowned author and Historian, John Quinn. Also present were community groups from both sides of the religious divide and relatives of Belfast’sBrigadistas.

More here; more photos here.


One Response to “ Remembering Belfast IBers ”

  1. Iskra on October 5, 2010 at 5:31 pm


    Firstly, let me send fraternal greeting from Belfast and secondly, I would like to thank you for helping to publicise our small step towards honouring the brave Belfast volunteers of the International Brigades.

    We hope at some time to be able to erect commemorative plaques to Brigadistas Liam Tumlinson and Jim Stranney, at their birthplaces.

    As you know, Belfast has been a city divided along political/religious lines for many years.
    However, the International Brigade’s fight against Fascism in Spain, is hopefully an era of history that both ‘sides’ can honour and share.

    Brigadista Liam Tumlinson came from East Belfast, which is in the Protestant/Unionist area of the city, while Brigadista Jim Stranney, came from the Falls Road area of Republican/Catholic West Belfast.

    Both men discarded the sectarian divisions of their city and travelled to Spain, as members of the 15th International Brigades, united in their determination to fight Frannco’s Fascism.

    We hope that one day, both Brigadistas can be honoured in the two areas of Belfast.

    No pasaran!

    Fraternal regards,