Michael Mann set to film Capa/Taro love story

October 31, 2010

Robert Capa and Gerda Taro in Paris, late 1935. (Photo by Fred Stein, courtesy of the ICP, www.icp.org)

In an interview with Matthew Garrahan in the Financial TImes, acclaimed film director Michael Mann tells about the projects he has underway, including the Hollywood version of the Spanish Civil War romance between the legendary war photographers Robert Capa and Gerda Taro:

He has bought the rights to the story of Robert Capa, the war photographer who, together with Henri Cartier-Bresson, founded Magnum Photos. Jez Butterworth, the author of plays including Jerusalem and Mojo, has been enlisted to write the script. “It’s about a tumultuous love affair Capa has with Gerda Taro,” Mann explains. Born Endre Friedmann, Capa was a Hungarian who came to Paris. “He and Gerda invented a different persona, that he was a romantic American photojournalist. They meet in Paris as refugees – despised and alone in a period of European history which is a cascade of conflicts.”

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