Historiography of the SCW

October 4, 2010

How to “create a new historiography of an event that has been saddled with oblivion, repression, ideological baggage, and, now, personal reminiscence”? Ruth MacKay writes in the latest issues of the History Workshop Journal on the Spanish Civil War as a challenge for historians, covering recent developments and polemics:

today something is still not quite right in the historiographic world of the Spanish Civil War. At least in English, there is little to compare with the transformative historiography of recent decades concerning, say, the French and Russian revolutions … The recognition that the intricacies and contradictions of daily life and their resonance in subsequent political choices have been largely omitted is part of the current story of civil-war historiography. The new generation, in Spain and abroad, is starting work on this long overdue rectification.

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