Gabriel Jackson Interview Video

September 2, 2010

Gabriel Jackson spoke with ALBA Board Chair Sebastiaan Faber in April 2010. See here for the written interview.


One Response to “ Gabriel Jackson Interview Video ”

  1. Gabriel Carceles on January 12, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    I have seen Gabriel Jackson’s interview and appreciate his vision and human rational approach.
    As a Spaniard, victim of the fascist aggression to my country, temporarily living in the States, I wish to thank the American who fought for Spanish freedom and dignity, in the Act I to WWII.Their sacrifice was not useless as they show their solidarity for no reward.
    Gabe Jackson books have contributed to History by delivering facts and analyzes full of common sense and honest humanity. Nothing less.
    Without them, things will not be so obvious.
    Thank you all. We will never forget.