Peter Schemrock (1910-2010)

August 31, 2010

Lincoln vet Peter Schemrock died on June 24 in southern California, a few weeks before his 100th birthday.

Peter was born on August 17, l910, in Dunbar, Pennsylvania. His family went back to Croatia (former Yugoslavia) when he was about four years old.

Peter returned to the United States as a young man during the Great Depression. It was during this time that Peter began to understand and sympathize with those less fortunate. Because of his experiences, as well as personal suffering, Peter was compelled to help those less fortunate than even himself.

Peter joined the Lincoln Brigade to help fight Fascism and restore Spanish Democracy to its citizens. Peter remembered well the suffering and pain of those who fought in that war and the sacrifices they made. Peter was also a veteran of World War II.

Throughout his life Peter championed the rights of the working man. He was a man of great integrity and passion. He never failed to speak up for those who were less fortunate, and he would often donate money for different causes.

Peter is survived by Vjera, his wife of 43 years, as well as several nieces and nephews.

— Claire Oppenheimer Dubin