Roland Joffé directing new SCW movie

July 23, 2010

The trailer was just released for There Be Dragons, a new film by Roland Joffé (The Mission, The Killing Fields), the narrative of which starts out during the Spanish Civil War, as the movie’s Facebook page explains:

There Be Dragons is an epic action-adventure-romance set during the turmoil of the Spanish Civil War. … The story traces the lives of two young men, José María Escrivá and Manolo Torres, childhood friends who are separated by the political upheaval of pre-war Spain to find themselves on opposite sides as war erupts. Choosing peace, José María becomes a priest and struggles to spread reconciliation by founding the movement “Opus Dei”. Manolo chooses war and becomes a spy for the fascists. Manolo commits heinous acts that will torment him until the end of his life. Only on Manolo’s deathbed will Jose María’s message of forgiveness finally have a profound impact on him and on his estranged son, who comes to learn the truth of his father’s dark past.

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