Franco’s 30,000 stolen babies

July 27, 2010

Read British journalist David Eade’s article on recent revelations about illicit adoptions of babies by Francoist families:

In wider Spain during the Franco era it has been established that children were indeed taken from their parents without their knowledge and passed on to an adoptive family. It is reported Judge Baltasar Garzón has estimated that during the post war period of the Franco dictatorship a staggering 30,000 babies were re-allocated in this way. … All the affected families have now joined an association called Anadir formed by Antonio Barroso. He was adopted and suspects he was stolen from his true parents.

More here and at Morning Star. See also the gripping documentary The Lost Children of Francoism, by Montse Argmengou and Ricard Belis, which can be viewed online here.