New book on Brits in SCW

May 24, 2010

Due to appear soon: Fighters against Fascism, Max Arthur’s oral history of British volunteers in Spanish Civil War.  From the publisher:

Acclaimed oral historian Max Arthur has tracked down the eight survivors of this conflict, and interviewed them for their unique perspective, their memories of their time fighting and the motives which compelled them to fight. Theirs is a unique story, of men and women volunteering to lay down their lives for a cause, believing passionately that the Spanish Republic′s fight was their fight too. From Union leader to nurse, Egyptologist to IRA activist, these survivors have incredible, compelling and sometimes harrowing tales to tell of their experiences, revealing their ideologies, pride, regrets, and feelings about the legacy of the actions they took.

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One Response to “ New book on Brits in SCW ”

  1. Alan Warren on May 25, 2010 at 2:55 am

    I believe that this book is a reprint of his earlier book “The real Band of Brothers”?

    Alan Warren