SCW vet John Hovan receives Spanish passport

March 27, 2010

News from Rhode Island:

In July 1937, John G. Hovan boarded a France-bound boat to fight the rising Fascist powers. He headed to Spain, south across the Pyrenees, where thousands of other volunteers were already fighting a civil war that proved to be a prelude to World War II. The war was lost; an authoritarian regime ruled Spain for nearly three decades, cementing its power through military tribunals and political purges.

On Thursday, Hovan, 93, who went on to fight in the Pacific during World War II with the U.S. Navy, received his Spanish passport and civil registry documents “in recognition of his service to the Spanish people defending democracy and fighting Fascism,” said Spanish Consul General Carlos Robles, whose family, like many others, was split during the civil war.

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