Lydia Lunch release SCW-inspired album

March 15, 2010

This Sunday’s El País Semanal magazine features Lydia Lunch, who is about to launch a book and CD entitled Amnesia, inspired by Belchite, produced together with Jacob Kirkegaard. From Kirkegaard’s MySpace page:

LYDIA LUNCH & JACOB KIRKEGAARD have created a unique audio companion to her book AMNESIA. FORGET TO BREATHE is a collaborative investigation featuring the psycho-acoustics of Belchite Spain.
In June of 2008 Lunch and Kirkegaard set out on a pilgrimage to the orphaned ruins in order to capture the essence of its other worldly atmosphere. These field recordings were used as the building blocks for a song cycle designed to envelop the listener in a haunting atmosphere in which to disappear while reading the book.