Books in Brief

March 6, 2010

New in Spanish: La Batalla Del Jarama, by Jesús González de Miguel (ISBN 9778497 347938)
This is a definitive study of the first battle of the Spanish Civil War that had widespread participation of US volunteers in February 1937. It includes much first-hand commentary about this critical defense of Madrid.

Los Internacionales: English Speaking Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War, edited by Antonio R. Celada, Manuel González de la Aleja, and Daniel Pastor García (ISBN 978 0 95541998).  This compendium with selected biographies and bibliographies, purportedly based on the latest research, is nonetheless studded with inaccuracies and might have been better suited for an online version that would allow corrections.


One Response to “ Books in Brief ”

  1. Alan Warren on May 20, 2010 at 5:39 am

    With regards to the comments made about “Los Internacionales”, it would not be fair to copy the informative database run by ALBA. However, the Editor’s Note in the book admits to possible mistakes in the Listings & states:

    “Please note that it is the intention to revise the listings and bibliography of this book on a regular basis in order to keep researchers appraised of new developments in the study of the English speaking volunteers and the ever increasing bibliography of books related to the International Brigades.

    ” With this in mind the authors formally invite readers to contribute any new information, corrections or materiel that will enhance future editions. An updated compact disc will be offered with amended materiel on a yearly basis along with the possibility of a newsletter summarising new research. This is an idea in development but those readers who would be interested in taking part in such a project would be advised to correspond with the authors and editor”.

    So hopefully this listing and bibliography will be enhanced and improved over time with contributions from supportive and enthusiastic readers. Sadly a perfect listing will probably never be completed but perhaps that is just one of the fascinating aspects of such research!

    Keep up the good work!

    In friendship.

    Alan Warren.